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Hi there.  I’m Sunny.  This blog gives space to my ramblings, revelations, et cetera.

I am interested in Jesus, Joe Crnkovich, family, friendships, my career, film, singing, coffee, non-fiction, lectures by Dr. Jordan Peterson, rock climbing, being an introvert, the beach, the pool, large bodies of water, alone time, traveling, multi-generational, close-knit communities, Swiss cleanliness.

I have been cultured by Bucks County, Pennsylvania (born & raised), Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (high school and some college), Vero Beach, South Florida (early 20’s), and currently Denver, Colorado.

I am married to my best friend, Joe.

I am working in private banking.

Myers Briggs:  INFJ

Enneagram:  8/3/4

Strengths Finder Top 5:  (1) Intellection, (2) Individualization, (3) Connectedness, (4) Arranger, (5) Relator.